In the official sales contract DEFLAT, the currency does not have a fixed price, the price is defined by the quantity of coins in stock (not yet distributed) ex: 988.838.988 * (10 ** 18) divided by the contactor 1 * (10 * * 23) = 9888,38 DEFT per each ETH.

The price will always tend to rise, bearing in mind that the balance of currencies in the source will decrease over time. Remember that this does not imply that the exchanges and users will follow this price, because at certain times it will be more profitable to buy them in the exchanges.

Over time a reserve in ether will be built for the purchase of eventual surpluses of the currency, and the result of the purchase will be moved to the Frozem Forever contract, preventing them from being circulated again. Therefore, any price increase action will be weighted in ETH.

The proposed model offers financial resistance to the entry of new currencies in circulation, allowing a gradual price increase. Short-term price changes will always exist, and there may be rises and falls in the asset price in relation to the market, which the model proposes is a favorable long-term trend curve.